The Elegant studio

The Elegant studio

Idea and concept: Eng mohammad hosein Rabbani zade

• Project name: The Elegant studio

• Architecture firm: Rabani.Design

• Project location: Canada, vancouver

• Tools used: Autocad, 3dsmax, chaos vray, chaos vantage, adobe photoshop, luminar ai,capcut

• Principal architect: Eng mohammadhosein rabbanizade & Eng morteza vazirpour

• Design team: Rabani.Design

• Built area: 35 sqm

• Site area: 1500 sqm

• Design year: 2024

• Completion year: N/A

• Collaborators:

• Visualization:  Eng mohammadhosein rabbanizade & Eng morteza vazirpour

• Client: N/A

• Status: Design

• Typology: Villa, House

Step into “The Elegant Studio,” a visionary A-frame workroom meticulously crafted to redefine the boundaries between work and home life. Spanning 35 square meters, this minimalist masterpiece is tailored for individuals seeking a sanctuary where productivity meets sophistication, where creativity thrives in harmony with tranquility.


As you enter, you are greeted by a symphony of modern elegance and sleek design. The centerpiece of the room is a sleek business desk, a beacon of productivity that beckons the owner to dive into their tasks with focus and determination. Adjacent to the desk, a state-of-the-art computer setup stands ready to assist in conquering the day’s challenges, ensuring efficiency and success at every turn.


But “The Elegant Studio” is not merely a workspace; it is a haven for both the owner and their esteemed clients. An inviting L-shaped couch offers a comfortable spot for visitors to relax and engage in meaningful conversations, creating an atmosphere of warmth and professionalism. This thoughtful layout seamlessly transitions between work and client meetings, fostering an environment that is both welcoming and conducive to business endeavors.


One of the standout features of this innovative workroom is its versatility in placement. Whether nestled beside the main house or nestled in the serene backdrop of the yard, “The Elegant Studio” eliminates the need for extensive renovations, offering a seamless integration into the owner’s lifestyle. This strategic positioning not only ensures privacy but also adds a touch of exclusivity to every interaction.


Architecturally, “The Elegant Studio” is a marvel of design ingenuity. The non-parallel walls create an illusion of heightened ceiling heights, instilling a sense of spaciousness and grandeur within the space. Three expansive glass walls flood the room with natural light, infusing the interior with a sense of vitality and energy. Should the need arise, special panels can be utilized to regulate sunlight, ensuring optimal comfort and ambiance at all times.


Tailored for families and discerning business professionals alike, “The Elegant Studio” represents a modern and stylish solution for those seeking a dedicated workspace without compromising on style or functionality. Whether hosting client meetings or retreating for moments of reflection, this A-frame workroom promises to elevate your work-life balance to new heights. Welcome to a realm where productivity meets elegance, where creativity thrives in an atmosphere of sophistication and serenity. Welcome to “The Elegant Studio.”

Typology: concept , villa


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