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INTERIORSIn the suburbs of Mashhad, there is a 1000 square meter plot that needs to be prepared for living. These common garden lands in towns in the desert have private conditions that make them have everything from their buildings and are completely limited by four walls... That is, the building is not built for special environmental conditions, and the presence of the building there has no reason other than that the land is empty and a building can be built on it. Therefore, architecture enters the game in a field that is its own, for itself, it must create opportunities and respond to those opportunities itself. Opportunities in the form of responding to the employer's mental schemas and the burden he brings with him from his life and his perception of the villa. And architecture should be able to be satisfactory for its user after performing its duty towards architecture. A user who seems to be very close to contradictions and ambivalences.

Starting date: 2022 june 22

Area: 800 sqm

Built area: 150 sqm

Architect: Eng Amir mahdi sanavi

Contractor: Eng Amir Hossein hagh-parast

Client:Mr.Ata hashemi

Visualizer: Eng mohammad hosein Rabbani zade

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